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Ski Mom Michelle Leibowitz Teaches Women to Ski

January 27, 2022 Nicole Season 1 Episode 13
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Mom Michelle Leibowitz Teaches Women to Ski
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host ski mom Michelle Leibowitz to discuss women’s ski clinics and camps and why we should all treat ourselves to a session this winter.

Michelle grew up skiing at a small mountain in Massachusetts (Bosquet Mountain) and was a ski racer from age 10 through college. 

Michelle tells us about the Women’s Discovery Camp at Sugarbush which includes women of all ages and abilities.  There is a fantastic atmosphere of camaraderie and the women cheer one another on, making it all the more fun!

While we as moms often put our own needs on the back burner, Michelle stresses the importance of investing time in ourselves.  Michelle has found that taking time for her own lessons, clinics or camps makes her a better mom, wife, friend and just happier and less stressed overall. 

Michelle gives us insight into how to navigate finding the right lessons and instructor for you - and how important tips are to instructors in the industry. 

Michelle is a member of the PSIA, The Professional Ski Instructors of America. This association provides certifications and trainings for ski instructors. She walks us through the certification process which includes both on-snow and online components. 

Being a ski instructor has been a fantastic experience for Michelle, she loves being part of the community.  Michelle loves to teach women to ski and give them the confidence to get out there and keep up with their kids. 

Michelle is seeing more women becoming instructors and highlights some of the benefits of women teaching women to ski. 

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