Ski Moms Fun Podcast

Constance Beverley, CEO of Share Winter Foundation

December 30, 2021 Nicole Season 1 Episode 9
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Constance Beverley, CEO of Share Winter Foundation
Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Constance Beverley, the CEO of Share Winter Foundation.  Share Winter is a grantmaking organization working to improve the lives, health, and fitness of youth through winter sports. 

Constance explains the Share Winter Foundation business model - and how the organization works closely with carefully selected grantees to build efficient, effective, sustainable winter sports programs and pipelines to ongoing winter sports participation.  

This year alone, Share Winter will fund over 45,000 youth in programs across the country, fueling the next generation of winter sports participants and enthusiasts!

Constance started skiing at age 2 with her family in Ohio.  When her dad passed away suddenly, Constance’s mom was left to raise her 3 daughters on her own - and there was not money or time for skiing.  Constance got creative, she found ski area coupons in the local paper - and eavesdropped on lessons because she could not afford them.

While Constance always loved skiing and snowboarding, a career in the snow sports industry was not seen as an option for a young woman growing up in Ohio. Constance shares her path from Wall Street lawyer to CEO of Share Winter. 

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