Ski Moms Fun Podcast

Robyn Gelfand, She Jumps

February 09, 2024 The Ski Moms Season 3 Episode 31
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Robyn Gelfand, She Jumps
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In this episode we meet Robyn Gelfand, the National Program Director at She Jumps, an organization that empowers women and girls to enjoy the outdoors through hosted events, educational clinics, and fundraising climbs. She Jumps participants join for a wide variety of outdoor activities where they learn skills ranging from wilderness survival to mountaineering to outdoor medicine and more. 

Robyn started skiing around 3 years old in the Poconos (PA), and recalls wonderful family ski trips across New England and Colorado.  Robyn started a ski club in high school as a way to get more of her friends on the snow and later joined her college ski club (go UVA! wahoo) and other outdoor activities.  

Robyn walks us through her career path that started in marketing, but she kept feeling the pull of the outdoors.  The stars aligned, and Robyn found an opportunity at Outward Bound in Portland, Oregon. Later, Robyn transitioned to her position at She Jumps, and she gives us insights into her role, program funding and fundraising events. We also learn about the amazing variety of outdoor programs that are offered through SheJumps from junior ski patrol to outdoor survival skills. Be sure to mark your calendars, the She Jumps Snowpack Scholarship will open on Oct 1, 2024.

Robyn tells us about her home mountain of Mt Hood and what makes it such a special ski area. 

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