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Robin Hall, Ski Mom and Co-Founder, Town Hall Sustainable Outdoor Apparel

January 19, 2024 The Ski Moms Season 3 Episode 28
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Robin Hall, Ski Mom and Co-Founder, Town Hall Sustainable Outdoor Apparel
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Show Notes

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In this episode we talk with Robin Hall, the co-founder of Town Hall, a sustainable outdoor apparel company for adults and children. Town Hall has a great variety of items from puffers and fleeces to hats and sweatshirts. The company is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

We learn all about Robin’s career path from the GAP headquarters in San Francisco to Vail Resorts in Breckenridge, CO. Robin wanted to get back into the apparel industry and found a role at Smartwool where she spent 11 years in roles ranging from retail, finance, strategy and sustainability. 

We also learn all about the Steamboat Springs community which has great activities year round.  Steamboat Ski Resort is owned by Alterra and is unlimited on the Ikon pass. Steamboat is fairly easy to get to by plane (3.5 hours from Denver) and the town and the ski resort are connected by free shuttles. 

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