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January 12, 2024 The Ski Moms Season 3 Episode 26
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
đź”’ AD FREE + BONUS CONTENT Mary Kate Buckley, President of Jackson Hole
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In this episode we talk with Mary Kate Buckley, President of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. Mary Kate walks us through her amazing career path that started in advertising in NYC and led her all over the world before landing in her current role as President of Jackson Hole. Mary Kate grew up skiing at small local mountains in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and later as a young professional in NYC she joined a ski share house in Vermont.

We learn all about Jackson Hole and what makes it such a special place. Located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, you can fly directly to the Jackson Hole airport or make the 4 hour drive from Salt Lake City airport.  Jackson Hole is a year round destination where the town has an old west feel, complete with a town square. The ski resort of Jackson Hole is located 12 miles from the center of town. 

Jackson Hole is a place for people that love adventure and skiing, and has something for every budget from the Four Seasons to hostels.  There is terrain for every level and even separate areas for beginners and intermediate skiers. 

We get all sorts of great tips from ski rentals to their world class Mountain Sports School. Jackson Hole is unique in that they manage their mountain capacity by both pricing and reservations (for Ikon Pass and Mountain Collective).  Jackson Hole has an iconic tram that can get 100 people up the mountain at a time. We also learn about the amazing dining options both on and off mountain at Jackson Hole, everything from fine dining to grab and go. And be sure not to miss Corbet’s Cabin for a waffle at 10,000 feet!

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