Ski Moms Fun Podcast

Early Fall Season Prep Quick Tips for Ski Moms

October 13, 2023 Nicole Season 3
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Early Fall Season Prep Quick Tips for Ski Moms
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Show Notes

The Ski Moms are trying something new with some short episodes meant to help you problem solve and get ready for the season. In this podcast, we’re focusing on things you can do in early fall to get your family ready for ski season. We're giving you the pre-season checklist you need! Here are some of the resources we mention in the episode

Check out our State-by-State Ski Swap list here

We recommend Mabel’s Labels and Ski Moms can save 15% off their orders with code SKIMOMS

Look into the kids ski free programs in your state. Check out this list of states that offer programs. 

Finally we talk fitness! Now is the time to add resistance and strength training to your workouts. Sarah and I are starting the ACL Strong 6-week program. It’s an easy way to ramp up your fitness before hitting the slopes. Use code SKIMOMS to save 10% here.

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