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September 07, 2023 Nicole Season 3 Episode 6
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In this episode, we talk again with Sarah Sherman, the Communications Manager at Snowbird. 

We learned about Sarah’s career path from a snowboard instructor and barista at Mammoth, that she leveraged into a position as the Mammoth snow reporter and PR assistant. From Mammoth, Sarah went to work at Sierra Tahoe, a resort in South Lake Tahoe, California for 2 seasons.  Sarah is now in her 3rd season as the communications manager at Snowbird.  

Sarah gives us insight into what her day to day looks like at Snowbird, as we imagined, it changes daily and seasonally. Sarah manages social media, commercial shoots and PR for Snowbird. 

We got all of Sarah’s best Snowbird trip planning tips. We talk about where to stay when visiting Snowbird (Cliff Lodge is one of her favorites and it’s ski in ski out) and airport transportation options (no need for a car!).  Snowbird has their own pass, but they are also on the Ikon Pass and Mountain Collective passes. 

Snowbird has a new kids pass offering, called the Kids Freeloader Pass for Summit locals. Every Adult, Senior or Military  Summit  or Alta-Bird Pass comes with the option to add on a free, Kids Freeloader Pass, providing unlimited skiing and riding at Snowbird all season long to anyone 18 and under. 

Snowbird can be an intimidating mountain, it’s 2,500 acres of mostly challenging terrain.  Snowbird has an iconic tram system that has been running for 50 years and was recently replaced.  And Snowbird offers a wide variety of adult and children’s learning programs starting as young as age 3. 


Cliff Lodge

Canyon Transportation

Kids Freeloader Pass

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