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August 11, 2023 Nicole Season 3 Episode 5
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Show Notes

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In this episode, we talk again with Alli Widman, ski mom and Founder & CEO of Avant Ski.  Alli talks all things ski passes and shares so much great information. 

Alli tells us it’s not too late to get our multi-resort passes for next year, but time is tight.  Many pass programs typically end their promotional pricing around Labor Day.  There are all sorts of pass options from unlimited days to shorter duration 2-5 day passes.  And with day lift tickets being so expensive, it only takes a handful of ski days to break even on a multi-resort pass.

The Ikon pass has made some minor changes to their passes this winter, they added a new partner resort in Alaska and made some changes to their access and reservation requirements. There’s a new Ikon plus pass that costs $220 more (than base pass) and gives you access to 7 additional resorts. Ikon now has 8 resorts that require reservations to manage crowd control (including Deer Valley), so be sure to book those ahead of time.

Vail Resorts (Epic Pass) raised prices by 8% across the board. Epic has just expanded to Europe. On the tech side you’ll be able to store your Epic pass on your mobile phone. 

Indy Pass is a great value pass for families - they have 104 partner resorts across US, Canada and Japan - but it’s so popular that this year it sold out in just 10 days!

The Mountain Collective pass gives you 2 days at 24 resorts, no black out dates.  After you use your 2 days you can get additional days for 50% off. 

Alli also pointed us to their kids ski free programs page where you can find information on how to get your kids on snow for free from grade 3-6.  And we talk about some great state by state program passes like the Ski Super Pass (Salt Lake) and Ski Vermont 4 Pass.


Ikon Pass  Epic Pass
Indy Pass (sold out for 2023-2024 season - waitlist only)
Mountain Collective
Salt Lake Ski Super Pass

Avant Ski Pass Guide:


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