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Meet Ski Mom Cassie Abel, the co-founder of Wild Rye (women’s outdoor apparel brand)

July 28, 2023 Nicole Season 3 Episode 4
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Meet Ski Mom Cassie Abel, the co-founder of Wild Rye (women’s outdoor apparel brand)
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Cassie Abel, ski mom and co-founder of Wild Rye. Wild Rye is a women’s outdoor apparel brand dedicated to crafting beautiful and technical outdoor apparel for women. Wild Rye is well known for their cycling products, but they also have ski base layers and an active lifestyle collection. 

Cassie walks us through her winding career path from banking to Smith Optics and finally to co-founding Wild Rye. Cassie saw the gap in the market for technical athletic gear for women and started Wild Rye to fill that gap.  Cassie tells us about the journey, challenges and successes that led to Wild Rye (including finding their seamstress on Craigslist!). 

Wild Rye’s clothing products are designed and manufactured with environmental impact in mind. They focus on recycled materials and their fabrics meet rigorous environmental and animal welfare standards. They also make high quality products to ensure they are built to last and don’t end up in landfills. 

Cassie tells us about teaching her son to ski at Sun Valley’s Dollar Mountain Progression Park and gives us insight into the Sun Valley business landscape.

We loved learning about Wild Rye and can’t wait to try their products. Like Nicole said, we’re just one outfit away from the perfect workout :)

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