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Ski Moms Go Behind the Scenes with Cassie Cohen, Mad River Glen Snow Reporter

April 06, 2023 Nicole Feliciano, Sarah Butler, Cassie Cohen Season 2 Episode 30
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Moms Go Behind the Scenes with Cassie Cohen, Mad River Glen Snow Reporter
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Show Notes

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In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Cassie Cohen, the Snow Reporter at Mad River Glen in Fayston, Vermont. Cassie started skiing as a toddler with her mom at Mount Snow and has been skiing as long as she can remember. 

Cassie gives us a look at her typical day as the Snow Reporter at Mad River Glen, starting at 5 AM!  She loves getting to ski while also having the opportunity to write and be creative.

Cassie tells us about what we can expect to find at Mad River Glen - including their famous single chair. Mad River Glen has a full service ski school and rental department.  There is a great lodge that includes a cafeteria and Stark’s Pub. And The Birdcage is an on mountain lodge and dining option. And they have Day Care!

It was so interesting to get Cassie’s firsthand views into the life of a snow reporter. And she does not ski every run every day, but she does get out on the mountain every day.   

Mad River Glen is not on Ikon or Epic, they do have some great ski pass deals (we love the mid-week pass). Mad River Glen is skier only. 

Keep up with the Latest from Mad River Glen:


Snow Report:


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