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Ski Mom Heidi Dusek on Unscripted Adventuring Outdoors

March 24, 2023 Nicole Season 2 Episode 28
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Mom Heidi Dusek on Unscripted Adventuring Outdoors
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In this episode Nicole and Sarah host ski mom Heidi Dusek. Heidi is a mother of 3, an author and a podcast host - among many other things. Heidi’s work is focused on inspiring families to connect through simple adventures. Heidi always had an adventurous side and wanted to to continue her adventures when she started a family. 

Heidi started her podcast Ordinary Sherpa during covid in November of 2020. Heidi saw the need for parents to find a place to connect with other parents - that allowed us to enjoy the often overlooked positives of the world shutting down.  Heidi saw the opportunity to spend more time with her kids and wanted parents to have a place to connect and share.

Heidi started with simple afternoon family field trips, walks in the woods, climbing trees. She realized that she felt great after these outings and that they didn’t have to be overplanned or elaborate.

In the winter Heidi’s family gets outside in Wisconsin - snowshoeing, cross country skiing and alpine skiing at a small local mountain. Heidi shares great budget friendly tips to outfit your family for outdoor adventures. 

Heidi tells us about how her approach to untourism - a different type of family travel experience.  Untourism supports the local flavors and activities that benefit the local people, small businesses and communities as opposed to commercial tourism.

We are excited to follow along with Heidi and her family on their “family gap year” adventure through 2023! To follow along go to and choose Family Gap Year Adventures.

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