Ski Moms Fun Podcast

Ski Mom Sarah Wojcik from All Mountain Mamas and Ski Area Management Magazine

March 09, 2023 Nicole Season 2 Episode 26
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Mom Sarah Wojcik from All Mountain Mamas and Ski Area Management Magazine
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Show Notes

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In this episode Nicole and Sarah host ski mom Sarah Wojcik the founder of All Mountain Mamas and the associate editor and new business director at Ski Area Management Magazine (SAM). 

Sarah started skiing when she was very young at a small ski mountain, Blue Mountain in PA. As a teenager, Sarah became a junior ski patroller at Camelback (Poconos, PA) and she has been in the ski industry ever since.  Sarah walks us through her career path from ski patrolling to her job at Ski Vermont and to her current position at Ski Area Management. 

Sarah tells us more about Ski Area Management Magazine, their readers  and what types of topics are covered in their articles. 

We also hear Sarah’s founder’s story that led her to start All Mountain Mamas. All Mountain Mama’s is a fantastic Vermont ski resort resource for moms - check them out in our links below. 

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