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Ski Moms Talk with Fear & Anxiety Expert Kristen Ulmer

March 02, 2023 Nicole Season 2 Episode 25
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Moms Talk with Fear & Anxiety Expert Kristen Ulmer
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Kristen Ulmer. Kristen is a high performance facilitator and fear/anxiety expert who draws from her tenure as the Hall of Fame most ‘fearless’ woman extreme skier in the world for 12 years, from studying Zen for 15 years, and from facilitating over ten thousand clients on the subjects of fear, anxiety and achieving flow states.

Kristen grew up in Henniker, New Hampshire skiing at Pat’s Peak. Kristen loved skiing from a very young age, but did not get serious about skiing until age 16.  Kristen went to college in Utah and starting skiing moguls. Although she had almost no formal ski training, she made the US Ski Team!  She could not afford to stay on the US Ski Team, so she switched over to big mountain extreme skiing and filming in movies. 

Kristen tell us more about film skiing and the film skiing industry. Kristen has filmed 24 ski movies with producers like Warren Miller and Teton Gravity.  Kristen was the one female skier in this very male dominated industry.  Kristen tells us about her addiction to fear (her poor parents!) that came out of her ski experiences.

An experience at Burning Man (an arts festival in the desert), inspired Kristen to quit her ski media career.  She started a mindset only ski camp led by a zen master (who she then studied with for 15 years). There is a camp session coming up at the end of March in Alta, Utah. 

Kristen’s book, The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won't Work and What to Do Instead  is a great place to start navigating your own relationship with fears (not conquering them!).  The magic comes from the belief that we are not trying to avoid fear, but instead change our relationship with fear.

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