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How to Maintain Your Skis with Kelly Bair

February 03, 2023 Nicole Season 2 Episode 21
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
How to Maintain Your Skis with Kelly Bair
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah learn about ski tuning, care and maintenance. We visited Kelly Bair, owner of Peak Performance Ski Shop in Killington, Vermont. Peak Performance is a premier ski shop with a ski racing focus. Peak Performance has a wide variety of equipment options for both ski racers and recreational skiers.  If you can’t get to Peak in person, they ship all over the world. 

Kelly is the mom to two ski racers, but she grew up water skiing in Florida and never imagined she would be running a ski shop in Vermont. 

We talk about how as moms we often do not invest in the right gear and equipment for ourselves.  But we all agree that finding the right equipment and taking care of our gear is really important. 

Kelly gives advice on how to best prepare for your ski shop purchase. Know what you have tried and what you like - sizes, brands, etc. Know where you plan to ski - conditions, region. Kelly recommends starting with your boots and then demoing some skis to really figure out what you like before making a purchase.

We talk about how to keep our equipment in good condition and the importance of a good maintenance plan. For example, wax your skis, get your edges sharpened, and have your bindings checked.  Some ski shops like Peak Performance do overnight tuning, so you can drop your skis off on your way to apres ski and pick them up the next morning. 

We got to check out the Wintersteiger Jupiter tuning system and had our skis tuned to perfection.  We could not believe how much of a difference a good tune could make!



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