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Ski Moms Talk to Brenda Dragon, President & Founder of Aurora Heat Handwarmers

January 19, 2023 Nicole Season 2 Episode 19
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Moms Talk to Brenda Dragon, President & Founder of Aurora Heat Handwarmers
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host ski mom Brenda Dragon, the President & Founder of Aurora Heat

Brenda was raised in Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories, Canada (look it up on a map!).  Brenda has loved skiing her whole life, there is mostly Nordic skiing in the Fort Smith area. Brenda taught her children to ski and it was always a favorite family activity. After raising her family and working in different industries, Brenda decided to take the plung and start her own company, Aurora Heat. 

Brenda tells us about Aurora Heat, which started with the idea that natural and reusable products are best - for both function and the environment.  Brenda saw the waste that comes from single-use products (like disposabe handwarmers), and looked to her family’s fur trapping heritage for a solution. We loved learning about Brenda’s parent’s fur trapping history and what it meant to her family. 

Today, Aurora Heat makes a variety of sustainable, reusable, natural fur based products to keep you warm - from head to toe.  They have natural hand warmers, foot warmers, ankle warmers and more. 

Aurora Heat also provides jobs in a community where there are limited employment opportunities. The company gives back to the community through a number of social impact programs

Nicole loves her Aurora Heat handwarmers (with thumb insert), she’s been using them all winter and can’t stop talking about them!  Get yours below and use our discount code for 10% off. 

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