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Ski Mom Jasmine Tay Talks Adaptive Skiing

January 05, 2023 Nicole Season 2 Episode 17
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Mom Jasmine Tay Talks Adaptive Skiing
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Jasmine Tay, a ski mom of 3 boys, the oldest (Harry) is an adaptive skier. Jasmine shares all her learnings, tips and advice on getting your child into an adaptive ski program.  For those unfamiliar, adaptive skiing uses specialized equipment and/or training to allow people with disabilities to ski. 

Jasmine grew up in Australia and started skiing at age 3 at a ski resort called Threadbo in the Snowy Mountains (Australia). 

Jasmine and her family relocated from Australia to New York City, their home mountain is now Windham (New York State). 

Becoming a ski family was always something Jasmine and her family planned.  Jasmine’s son Harry has a physical disability that requires him to use crutches, so traditional ski school was not an option for him. Jasmine researched programs outside of NYC and found a great adaptive ski program at Windham (link below).  There are programs all over the northeast and across the country, so her advice is to just start researching programs in your area.

Children with disabilities have a different set of needs so Jasmine recommends first talking to the program coordinator to discuss your child’s needs to find the right fit.  Booking adaptive ski lessons can take more lead time than traditional ski school, so planning in advance is important. 

Harry started with a one day lesson - he loved it and kept wanting more time on the snow. Jasmine tells us about adaptive equipment and the unique way that adaptive lessons are managed. Over the years, Harry has progressed to independent skiing - and they achieved their dream of becoming a ski family!

Where to find and Adaptive Ski Program for Your Family

Thredbo (Australia)

Windham (New York)

Adaptive Sports Center Windham

Vermont Adaptive:

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