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Ski Mom Diane Boyer Talks About Designing Skea Ski Fashions

December 22, 2022 Nicole Season 2 Episode 15
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Mom Diane Boyer Talks About Designing Skea Ski Fashions
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Diane Boyer, the President of Skea Ltd. a women’s ski wear company run by women and designed by women who love the active outdoor lifestyle. 

Diane grew up skiing at Mount Southington (a small ski area in Connecticut), while she was in boarding school nearby and at Stratton. She went on to Dartmouth College, where she skied every day, both teaching and practicing freestyle.  Diane made her way to Vail, where Skea Ltd is now located.

Diane walks us through the history of Skea, which started when her family brought the one piece suit to the US in the ‘70’s.  They started with an imported one piece from France and added insulation to make it suitable for cold New England ski days. In the early 80’s Skea started to manufacture in their own factory in Denver. 

Skea makes beautiful women’s ski clothing, their motto is “follow your passion to your dreams”. Skea believes that you can look feminine and feel confident and also be a seriously great skier.  Skea’s high-performance outerwear combines experience, functionality, quality, and performance.

Skea’s collections are not the typical blue and black jackets or pants commonly seen around ski resorts. Skea has fun patterns and vibrant colors that look great on and off the hill.  Some of Skea’s designs are from original art that they make into patterns.  

Skea products can be found in specialty retail ski shops.  They can also be found online (links below). 

We were excited to learn that Skea added inclusive sizes this season!  And Skea is now making great clothes for golf and pickleball!

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