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Meet the Mirnavator, Ski Mom Mirna Valerio

November 04, 2022 Nicole Season 2 Episode 8
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Meet the Mirnavator, Ski Mom Mirna Valerio
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole hosts Mirna Valerio, better known as The Mirnavator, an endurance athlete who fell in love with skiing later in life and never looked back. 

Mirna tells us about starting her blog to make a place for plus size endurance runners that led to a career as a spokesperson for many well known brands including Lululemon, LL Bean and Hydroflask. 

Mirna first took ski lessons over 10 years ago at Mountain Creek when she was a teacher in New Jersey. She loved it from the start, even though some of her early ski experiences ended with spectacular falls.  

Then in 2021 she started taking lessons again at Sugarbush and Bolton Valley.  She shares the ups and downs of learning to ski as an adult and letting go of control.  She enjoys taking lessons at different ski resorts and finds it is a great way to get to know a mountain. 

Mirna shares some of the challenges of finding plus size ski gear for women and where she has found some great plus size options. She hopes that more ski brands will expand to plus sizes in the future. 

Follow Mirna on social media (links below) and you will see that she shares her ski journey in realistic full color, showing both the falls and the successes! 


Plus Snow (Plus Size Ski Gear)
Mountain Creek Ski Area
Sugarbush Ski Resort
Bolton Valley
Snow King

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