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Ski Mom Joyce Shulman Shares the Power of Walking

July 18, 2022 Nicole Season 2 Episode 2
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Mom Joyce Shulman Shares the Power of Walking
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Joyce Shulman, ski mom, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, community builder and walker.  Joyce is the CEO and Founder of 99 Walks and Jetti Fitness. 

Joyce learned to ski in her late 20’s and fell in love with it from her first run at Mount Snow.  Joyce and her family love to ski together everywhere from Vail to Okemo. 

Joyce tells us about her latest mission to get a million women walking their way to better through 99 Walks.

We get some great insights into the powerful benefits of walking with a friend and learn about jetti poles (walking poles that turn walking into a full body workout).  Joyce shares more details in her Ted Talk.

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