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Special Episode Heidi Dusek of Ordinary Sherpa

May 19, 2022 Nicole Season 1 Episode 24
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Special Episode Heidi Dusek of Ordinary Sherpa
Show Notes

This week we’re sharing a special interview Nicole did with Heidi Dusek of the Ordinary Sherpa Podcast.

Ordinary Sherpa inspires families to turn their adventure dreams to experiences. The podcast episodes help families define adventure, be inspired from other families on this journey, and be supported by a tribe of Sherpas helping you to reach your summit.  In this episode, Nicole shares her journey as a ski mom. We mention two popular posts in this episode:

10 States Where Kids Ski Free:

10 things to get ready for Ski Season:

Get details on the Ordinary Sherpa Podcast here

About Heidi: Heidi’s passion lies in challenging the status quo, driving change and delivering experiences. She and her husband live in Wisconsin with 3 children and spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, remodeling their third generation farm house, mastering un-tourism, and creating connections with people around the world. Get to know Heidi better by listening to Episode 001: Our Adventure Story.

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