Ski Moms Fun Podcast

Ski Mom and Daughter Wendy and Danica Carey of Seirus Innovation

March 31, 2022 Nicole Season 1 Episode 22
Ski Moms Fun Podcast
Ski Mom and Daughter Wendy and Danica Carey of Seirus Innovation
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Show Notes

In this episode Nicole and Sarah host Wendy and Danica Carey.  Wendy is the CFO and Danica is the Director of Marketing at Seirus Innovation.  Seirus Innovation makes cutting edge gear to keep you warm using the latest fabrics, the most advanced technologies, and a unique R&D process.  They were the first to bring rechargeable heated gloves to market, and have 19 patents aimed at making your outdoor experience warm and comfortable.

Wendy and Danica tell us all about their favorite Seirus products, old and new (see links below).

Wendy tells us her ski story, starting as a kid visiting Palisades Tahoe, she fell in love with the mountains and the woods.   Danica shares a favorite story, learning to ski with her mom as a toddler at Mammoth.

Wendy walked us through the history of Seirus, starting with the invention of cat tracks and ski masks, and expanding to all sorts of amazing products to keep your hands, face and feet warm. 

We learned about the R&D process at Seirus that includes people both inside and outside the company and brings diverse perspectives to solve problems for their customers.  Danica grew up in the ski industry and gives us her views on strong women in the industry that have shaped her life and career.

We also discussed the ways Seirus has led the snowsports industry to improve diversity from the inside out - as well as how the company gives back.

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